Retreat Eats

Peaceable Kitchen

Food is good.

What I hope to do with my cooking at Retreat Eats is assist you in creating a sense of calm and happiness in your retreat.

For more than 15 years, I've been cooking healthy, delicious, and fun food for Buddhist retreats, yoga retreats, women's retreats, inner work retreats, nonviolence training retreats.

This is hand's-on, personal cooking. I bring a bounty of fresh fruit, vegetables and other ingredients to your retreat site, and cook meals for your participants that are arrayed buffet-style for them as they come out of their sessions.

Some things I love:

• Lots of snacks — every time the participants take a break and wander by the dining hall, there is another little enticing snack.

• LOTS of veggies — I enjoy a colorful bounty of fresh-cooked vegetables.

• Big gorgeous salads.

• Participants who help with the preparation, joining in the joy of food and service. (This comes from my Buddhist cooking heritage. While not a necessary componant of a retreat, it is something for leaders to consider.)

I am located in Houston, but am willing to travel throughout Texas, and farther.